Water Damage Restoration Certification

Water Restoration Certification courses should be designed to make you more knowledgeable on all of the latest real world approaches to Drying  and restoring structures affected by water damage.

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A course of this nature should make you feel confident that you have all the devices you need to excel in the Water Restoration profession.

A certification course should at the minimum cover the following topics:

Water Removal Methods
Antimicrobials and Biocides
Thermal imaging
Wetness detection equipment
Drying out strategies
Relative Humidity as a science
Dealing with humidity
Job website energy usage & Management
Drying concepts for wood and other building material
Contents Drying
Pressurizations in drying
Vapor Pressure
Making use of portable heat
Utilizing portable power
Hygroscopic Materials
Relative humidity
Environmental Response Techniques
Drying Equipment Amount and Setup
The dehumidifier
Desiccant innovation
Indoor Air Quality application
Cooling systems
Air Change Rate
Drying as a science
Safety threats
Recognizing tools and equipment

This Water Restoration Course should be valid in all states as well as help prepare you for the Council-Certified Structural Drying Remediator (CSDR) certification exam sponsored by the American Council for Accredited Certification.

In our review their are only a few courses registered with the ACAC for test preparation or continuing education. ACAC certification. Courses of this nature are not required to work in the water restoration industry however they are utilized in states that need licensing or for persons aiming to advance their accreditation.

Please check to be sure any course you plan to use for preparation or accreditation  is Approved and Registered with the American Council for Accredited Certification.

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